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Core TechnologyTechnological Examples
 □Smartphone, Cellular phone
 □Tablet PC
 □Ultra PC, PC
 □TV, 3D/4K display
■FPD module assembling technology ■FPD module assembling technology
PCB:Printed Circuit Board TAB:Tape Automated Bonding COF:Chip On Film COG:Chiop On Glass ・Resin dispense ・Light-on test ・ACF lamination・PCB bonding ・ACF lamination・IC bonding ・Electrode cleaning
 □IC card ・ RFID tag
 □LED package assembling
 □LED flip chip bonding
 □MEMS sensor packaging
 □Module assembling for camera
   image device module
■High speed flip chip bonding technology  ■Camera imaging module
Flip VCM pressurizing head Micro pressurizing
Ultra sonic bonding
Film sheet VCM : Voice Coil Motor UV sealing Micro Solder Bump COC : Chip On Chip
 □Conductive particle measurement
 □Bonding inspection
 □Image recognition processing
 □Board defect inspection
 □Optical property test by using
■ACF particle measurement     ■Bonding inspection
Dispersion and flatting of conductive
particles are measured
  Applied to optical
reflection property
Interface condition check
by Infrared thermal imaging
 □Assembly & test system
 □Other custom-made equipment

■Roll to roll film bonding line          ■MEMS assembling
Movable parts, Magnet parts,
Imaging chip, Various sensor,
High precisionheat bonding, US bonding