1. Collection, Utilization, and Provision of Personal Information

OEC will collect, use, and provide personal information to any third party only within the scope necessary for the achievement of the purpose(s) of protecting personal information and conducting questionnaire surveys. In cases where OEC receives personal information, OEC will obtain in advance consent from the individual who provides his/her personal information. OEC will also promptly disclose, collect, and delete entrusted personal information at the individual’s request.

2. Security Control Measures

OEC will take appropriate security control measures to protect personal information from unauthorized access, loss, destruction, modification, and leakage. OEC will also audit this security control measures periodically.

3. Appointment of “Responsible Officers for Administration” and Environment

OEC will appoint “responsible officers for administration”, clarify the roles, and improve the environment to ensure that activities for personal information protection are appropriately performed. In cases where points are found to be improved, OEC will promptly carry out appropriate measures.

4. Establishment of Internal Rules, and Information within OEC

OEC will comply with laws and regulations regarding personal information, formulate the compliance program regarding personal information including internal rules, and educate/inform directors, officers and employees regarding personal information. OEC will also review the compliance program periodically or as necessary in response to the change in the social situation regarding handling of personal information and the change in the job environment inside and outside of OEC.

5. Selection and Administration of Subcontractors

OEC will select subcontractors who meet the criteria, formulating the criteria of selecting subcontractors who handle business regarding personal information. Regarding the contract with subcontractors, OEC will give due consideration to the protection of personal information, investigate the management conditions of personal information as necessary, and implement necessary measures.

6. Responses to Accidents Concerned with Personal Information

OEC will immediately report the accidents to the individual, business partners, and persons involved, and implement necessary measures in case where accidents regarding personal information occur.

Limitations of the Policy

While OEC endeavors to protect personal information from leaking and other problems, OEC cannot ensure the security of the information including disclosure of entrusted personal information against the privacy policy. The examples are the information leakage by hacking, and information disclosure requested by a third party who falsifies his/her identity. In cases where these fraudulent activities are conducted highly skillfully, unauthorized disclosure of information could occur.

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